Over the Counter (OTC)

The Company's OTC Products Division is primarily engaged in the research, development and manufacture of unique and proprietary, over-the-counter ("OTC") healthcare products and health supplements shown to deliver consistent and verifiable results in the prevention and treatment of various chronic ailments and diseases. The Company deploys pharmaceutical R&D protocols for its OTC products development, including rigorous toxicology and safety studies, clinical testing and human clinical trials The Nutraceuticals Division manufactures a broad range of health supplements, vitamins, sports nutritional products and OTC products, such as Flu-X™ (oral flu & cold spray), Ferroheme™ (Hemoglobin Iron Protein Complex for iron deficiency and anemia), Tribesinol™ (tribulus terrestris testosterone replacement) and "Pedia-Safe" Polyvitamin Infant Drops.

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