Canagen's corporate philosophy is summarized in the phrase, "BUSINESS WITH A SOCIAL CONSCIENCE". The principle of social responsibility represents the fundamental guiding principle of our corporate objectives, goals, operations and activities.

Our corporate philosophy and aspirations are centered on being a moral, ethical and responsible global corporate citizen while pursuing five net bottom line operational goals - of providing positive health, social, financial, economic and environmental benefits to society at large and to our partners, clients, customers and shareholders.

The cornerstone of our philosophy is good corporate governance, social responsibility, ethical operations and environmental stewardship & sustainability.

The Company's goal is to provide our clients and consumers with consistent, high quality, evidence-based medicines - finished dosage generic pharmaceuticals, APIs and OTC healthcare products - at highly competitive prices, which are manufactured in accordance with industry best practices and pharmaceuticals GMP protocols, while generating minimal environmental impact and minimal carbon footprint.

Social responsibility encompasses the notion of corporate citizenship, whereby the ultimate aim of our corporate activities is to contribute to the socio-economic development of the communities and countries in which we operate and conduct business in.

Our activities in these communities and countries principally support those programs which focus on the notion of employment, education and wealth creation and dignity for the poor, marginalized less fortunate and underprivileged members of society through grants, provision of microcredit/microfinance and through support of various global, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and through bi-lateral and multi-lateral development programs aimed at alleviating poverty and creating and fostering employment, education and wealth creation in rural communities.

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